5 Tell-Tale Signs You’ve Been Hacked

If your business relies on its computer systems for anything from e-commerce to admin, you’ll be well aware of the importance of computer security. Hacking is unfortunately something that can and does happen in a business environment, and it’s something you need to keep tabs on to ensure your sensitive client data and files are kept safe.

The best way to keep your IT secure is to ensure it’s kept locked down with things like firewalls and antivirus protection – and having an IT support company on hand can help you feel doubly secure if any internet nasties do get through.

In some situations it’s difficult to know whether you’ve been a victim of hacking but here are 5 things to look out for that often mean your security has been compromised:

1. Frequent pop-ups – especially lots and lots of browser pop-ups from websites that don’t usually generate them.

2. A moving cursor that moves by itself and makes correct selections – sometimes hardware problems can cause a cursor to move randomly and erratically but it won’t make correct choices on your screen.

3. Your friends receive fake emails from you – check with your friends whether they are actually coming from your email address or a fake one. If they’re from your real email address your computer or social media account could have been compromised.

4. Fake antivirus messages – a fake antivirus scan will no doubt find loads of “viruses”, lead you to a website and offer a solution that’ll get rid of these internet nasties. All you have to do is put your credit card details in (and you can guess what happens next.)

5. Money goes missing from your bank account – usually in large sums. You can prevent this by ensuring you have transaction alerts in place on your account that let you know when unexpected activity occurs.

At JDM Computing we can help you ensure your systems are protected as comprehensively as possible – and get everything back up and running in the event something does go wrong. To get you started with your online security, this month we’re offering free anti-virus for new customers.

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