Cloud services are easy and cost effective

cloud computingA Guide to the Benefits of Cloud Computing
As an IT support business in Stockport we have had many small businesses asking about using cloud computing. If this is something that interests you, then you’ll most likely already be aware of how you can use it to access documents and applications from pretty much anywhere. Whether you’re at home, work or even in Starbucks, you’ll be able to use cloud computing to collaborate with the rest of the team or even just update your project plans.

Although this web based computing solution can do wonders for some businesses, it doesn’t suit everybody. But in order to understand it further, let’s explore what its main benefits are:

• Lower IT Costs: You won’t need quite so much in the IT budget next year as high-powered computers will no longer be necessary to run applications that are based on the web. You also won’t need such high powered servers either. There will be less space and memory needed. You should also see yourself saving money on software licenses.

• Unlimited Storage Space: Offering limitless storage, the space available will completely eclipse what’s available on your computer, even if it has a 200 gigabyte hard drive. However much space you want, it’s available.

• Better Performance: With far fewer programs running on your computer, you’ll be amazed at the improved performance it will deliver.

You are no longer dependent upon one machine: You can now be mobile to wherever you choose. As long as you have a means to access the internet, then you’ll be able to access your applications and documents.

• Easy to manage costs: You can pay by week, month or even by the year.
The only real downside of using cloud computing is that you’ll access to the internet for it. Ideally, your access will be over a decent bandwidth too, which most of the UK now has.
If you need to collaborate in a group scenario, then cloud computing could be just what your small business needs. It’s easy to work together over this medium and it can even be a whole lot of fun.

If you’re a small business looking for IT Support in the Stockport or Manchester area, contact us today to learn more about how affordable it really is.