Hosted Exchange Email

For the two months of April and May we are offering new customers free Hosted Email Exchange!


If you are a business  with 20 or fewer employees then you qualify for 30 days of absolutely free email services though our Hosted platform.

Imagine running a business without email? Neither can we. As a primary means of business communication email is vitally important to any organization. The options for email hosting are endless, but there is one that rises above the rest in terms of features, usability and availability. JDMComputing Hosted Exchange is more than a simple mail server, and offers many advantages over simpler hosting options. It’s a reliable and secure method of hosting your company’s email data.

Fully Managed

Hosting an Exchange Server with JDM Computing  means you can have peace of mind while we manage your server for you.  We will install and configure everything required and monitor the Email service 24/7

Hosting your email on a Microsoft Exchange Server offers you more than just email. It comes with fully-managed calendaring, contacts and task organization.  Yo can access your mail via the web or through your mobile device or Outlook interface.

JDM Computing’s  Exchange product supports hardware load balancing and all your email is fully backed up in the cloud.Our Exchange Server allows you to synchronize your data with all major mobile devices. Access your email, calendars and contacts with your phone or tablet to never miss an important message or meeting while on

the go.

Each product comes with a dedicated, fully managed Active Directory (with redundancy), which allows you full access to domain services. This support for Windows Authentication and powerful administration features can be easily accessed through the Microsoft Management Console. This unique addition is not something you can utilize with basic email hosting.Our Exchange Email Servers are only available in a dedicated or private setup, which allows for complete customization and control over your Exchange environment.

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