Small Businesses Aren’t Focusing Enough On Security

One in three small businesses wouldn’t know what to do if they came under attack over the net, according to a new survey by a security solutions expert.

The report by Kaspersky took into account responses from businesses with less than 25 employees including hairdressers, doctors’ surgeries and law firms. Around half of the businesses surveyed admitted that they’d struggle to recover lost data.

Results from the study suggest that small businesses are not serious enough about the safety of their online data. All those surveyed were under the impression their businesses were too small to come under cyber attack, or that there was nothing worth stealing.

This is untrue however, as even the smallest businesses take information such as payment, name and address details and more. In fact, an FSB report found that 41 percent of micro firms were victims of cyber crime last year alone.

In a recent report the FSB stated: “Cyber attacks upon small businesses are all the more devastating as they often have limited resources and personnel, making it much more difficult to recover once an attack has taken place on the security of their data.”

What can SMEs take from this information?

As a small business owner you should be as vigilant in your online security practices as larger organisations. In 2013, the cost of fraud loss for SMEs alone came to £20 billion.

There are several actions you can take to increase your business’ online security.
1. Ensure you have adequate anti-virus software installed as well as the necessary firewalls
2. Consider cloud-based data storage
3. Encrypt data sticks
4. Password-protect devices, making sure passwords are complex and include numbers, letters and characters where possible

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