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ComputerNetworkSmall Business IT Support: Why Is It Such Good Value?
If you’re looking for IT Support in Manchester, what would you say if we offered to help you? We’ve got all the knowledge and experience that a small business like yours needs. It’s no secret that we love what we do. We help many entrepreneurs and small firms just like yours to get the best out of their IT by giving technical support, providing consulting and training on a needs basis. Our service means that they (and you) won’t have to take on the expense of running a complete IT department.

When it comes to getting good value for money from our service, we always say that there are three main ingredients:

• Exceptional customer service
• Top drawer work and
• All at a brilliant price

Let’s look at what this means to you as our customer:

Exceptional Customer Service

With us, it’s not just about getting the job done. It’s about your experience. What goes on from beginning to end is very important to us.

We continually ask ourselves questions such as: Did you get a rapid response when you made contact with us? Did we start to help you on time? Were we friendly and approachable to you and/or your staff? Did we explain things in an easy to understand manner?

We do all that we can to ensure that we start on the job as agreed and that we stay within our agreed service level agreement. Not only that, we regularly coach our staff in customer service best practice and take feedback from our customers to ensure that we are meeting their expectations and needs.

Top Drawer Work

Our investment in our staff means that they take the time needed to keep their knowledge of technical topics very current. We also run internal training sessions on a variety of topics to keep the team up to date. When it comes to your technical set up, we keep all that information along with your support history in a place that is accessible to all of our engineers. We don’t believe in losing time.

A Brilliant Price

We might not be the cheapest but we are certainly not the costliest IT company in the Manchester, Stockport, and Greater Manchester areas.

There is something that we can though. We always deliver when it comes to providing the best value to small businesses with less than 50 staff. Cheap can also be very expensive when you have outside

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