Protect Your Business With Free Anti-Virus In June 2014

Last month a security flaw was found in Internet Explorer, leaving millions of computer users vulnerable to hackers. People with versions six to 11 of the Microsoft browser were advised to use alternative options until the bug was fixed in mid-May. Half of the world’s computers have the browser installed.

The security flaw meant hackers were able to change passwords and access the accounts of victims. Microsoft confirmed it has detected “limited, targeted attacks” in the browser.

This warning came just a few weeks after the Heartbleed Bug, which affected two thirds of the world’s websites including Amazon, Google and Facebook. Millions of computer users around the globe were warned to change their passwords, while firms quickly made defensive fixes against the bug. It had been undetected for two years.

These are just a couple of high profile examples of the many security risks associated with working online. But with so much of our personal and professional endeavours now taking place on PCs and other devices connected to the internet, not using them is an impossibility.

It is imperative your business does everything possible to mitigate the risk of hack attack, virus and data loss because not doing so could cost you dearly. In 2013, the Ponemon Institute found the average consolidated data breach had increased from $130 to $136 per record. By not adequately protecting your online information, you could easily rack up an enormous bill.

To help you protect your business computing, at JDM Computing we’re offering free installation of anti virus software to our clients during June 2014. This provides a line of defence against hack attacks and virus, allowing you to close a number of potential security leaks. Don’t delay, get your hands on this limited offer today. Quite simply, it’s something no business should be without.

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