UK and US Accused Of “Great Sim Heist”

Great sim heist

According to a US news website, UK and American intelligence agencies have hacked into a sim manufacturing business illegally to eavesdrop on mobile phone conversations. The news website, called Intercept, said intelligence agencies looked to steal codes from sim card manufacturer Gemalto.

Experts claim the alleged hack compromises the security of mobile phones on a global basis. By stealing the encryption, the security agencies were able to intercept and decode data passing between mobile phones and transmission towers.

According to the BBC, this would enable the agencies to eavesdrop on voice traffic and texts without having to gain permission from telecommunications providers. And it would not leave any trace of their presence.

About the sim hack

Gemalto is a major player in its field, operating more than 40 factories, with a presence across 85 countries. It’s clients include 450 wireless network providers.

It has been reported that the hack, which took place around five years ago, enabled US and British surveillance agencies to monitor voice and data traffic from cellular comms around the world. Coined the “great sim heist”, the hack was reported to have been organised by British GCHQ and America’s NSA, though neither has confirmed these allegations.