Hosted Exchange and Cloud Email

4 Benefits of Cloud Email for Business

For today’s businesses a reliable email solution is an absolute necessity – but top level in-house dedicated mail servers are too expensive and time consuming for many an SME. That’s why lots of small businesses and start-up companies are choosing to locate their email in the cloud.

Modern cloud email solutions allow businesses to invest in reliable, cost-effective, scalable business communications over the web. This set-up provides a whole host of benefits, including:

1. No hardware for cloud email

Because all elements of your email are based in the cloud, there is no hardware in the office or comms room. This means server maintenance requirements are eliminated, freeing up your IT staff so they can spend time more effectively elsewhere, or reducing expensive call-outs when things go wrong. It also decreases the amount you’ll spend on the initial investment in hardware and the amount of space you need to house bulky servers.

2. Disaster recovery benefits

When email is based in the cloud you have less to worry about in terms of security. If your computer crashes, all your messages can be accessed over the web from another machine, so there’s little or no disruption to day-to-day tasks.

3. Better mobile working

Whether you’re at the office, at home, on the train, or even overseas, you can log into cloud email. This improves the level of productivity within your business as communications can be accessed anywhere, anytime, through the device of your choice.

4. Familiar processes

For businesses concerned about how employees will adapt to new systems, rest assured that switching to cloud computing doesn’t mean having to learn new, complicated software. JDM Computing offers hosted desktop solutions, meaning you can get a full virtual desktop Windows 7 experience remotely, without the hassle of upgrading your hardware or software.areyouhappy1

Cheaper, more reliable, familiar processes that allow your business to increase productivity – at JDM we think the cloud was made for email. Contact us for further information about cloud email.

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