Servers – your business must haves

In today’s economic climate, it’s more important than ever to have the right technology at the heart of your business. Your business applications such as email, your system security, even your ability to enable employees to work from home and access the information that they need can all impact your productivity and profitability.

A server is the driving force behind all of these, and therefore forms the technological foundation of your business. Having your own Windows Small Business 2008 Server helps you maximise your business potential and grow at your own pace. If something fails or needs to be recovered, you have direct control over the most important elements of your business and can make changes whenever you need to.

As a server solution for smaller businesses, we recommend the Small Business Server 2008 range from Microsoft. We feel that the range offers you the right combination of capability and adaptability, backed by Microsoft’s reputation in the field.

By leveraging the abilities of the 2008 range, you can create a secure platform for supporting your business applications such as Internet, email, mobile device support and data back up and recovery options, giving you reliable access to your information and applications when you need them most. We can help you to configure the server to provide performance to the areas where you need it most, helping to improve the speed and responsiveness of your business.

Speak to us today about how we can put together a bespoke server solution for your business.