IT Support Manchester

Every business is different and each business has unique IT support needs. If you’re looking for IT Support in Manchester & Stockport areas, then JDM Computing got all the knowledge and experience that a small business like yours needs. We provides cost effective and quality business IT support in Manchester, Stockport and Greater Manchester areas.

Call us on 0845 2932540 and find out how our IT Support services in your local area are different from others.

Why JDM Computing is different?

Any sales trainer will put you on the spot and ask you what is your Unique Selling Point. When we were first asked this we did scratch our heads. The fact is that there are lots of IT Companies and the essence of what we all do is fairly similar.

When we asked our clients why they liked using us and why they had switched from other providers the response was overwhelming.

Virtually every client we spoke to said how friendly we were and how they felt that whatever they called us about was dealt with as though it was the most important thing we were dealing with at that time. They also found it refreshing that they could call us about anything and even if it was not our area we would always work with the third party supplier or recommend someone who was an expert.

The most common reason for them moving from an alternative supplier was either because they felt the previous supplier had become too big and too impersonal and they were always chasing them or that their previous supplier was not big enough or experienced enough to look after their business technology as they had grown.

So to get back to the question of what is our USP? It could be that we give a good, honest and friendly service.