How about a brand new PC with  3 years on site warranty for £350!

Dell Optiplex i-3  Windows 7 Pro with three years warranty.. on site!

Dell Optiplex i-3 Windows 7 Pro | JDM



I honestly don’t think you will find better value anywhere else. These items have been substantially  discounted for you.

How about something completely free! If you click on the home page and fill out the contact details we will send you a free USB Memory stick.

If you would like to to try a Windows 8 Pro PC in your business environment for free please email Sales@JDMComputing.co.uk and we will deliver it to you and help set it up


Free PC’s    Dell Optiplex GX520   Windows XP Pro  sp3        1GB Ram    80GB  HD  suitable for web browsing  email and a word processing.   Not for Gaming.