What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is simply a service where some or all of your IT is processed, accessed or physically installed outside your business premises. Cloud computing removes the need for a server being actually located on your premises.

How would your business benefit from using Cloud Computing?

  • Cost. As there is no need for an expensive piece of hardware i.e. a server on your site, the initial cost of the hardware purchase and the on-going maintenance, upgrade and repair costs are removed.
  • Reliability. The day to day running of your network is managed in an operational data centre which is fully backed up. Any issues reported can be investigated and repaired immediately.
  • Flexibility. The services available through Cloud can adapt and grow (or shrink) as your business needs change on a pay as you go basis. The old traditional server method would require commitment and payment at the outset for a network which may require an update or amendment a few months down the line.
  • Reduced software licensing costs. Licenses are provided on a ‘pay as you use basis’ for programs such as Microsoft Office rather than purchasing the full license at the outset which can quickly become redundant or out of date if staff leave or an updated version is required.
  • Centralisation of data. For example email accounts can be accessed via multiple devices (Blackberry, laptop, PC etc) and all responses, replies and updates will show in realtime and the changes will be synchronised on all the devices.
  • Security of data. Many business owners use USB Drives as a backup which are physically left in the office with the server. This can be inadequate as the data is at risk of any kind of disaster such as theft, water damage etc. and as such the data could be lost forever. Using Cloud means your ‘network’ is held on a fully backed up server at a central location with all data fully protected.
  • The cost of the server option can vary from £2,000 – £10,000 at the outset (dependent on number of users) with additional monthly support, maintenance and upgrade costs. The optimal lifetime of a server is approximately 3-4 years.

JDM Computing’s ‘Remote Desktop’ offers businesses the opportunity to take advantage of a full-blown Microsoft Server with Exchange email, SQL database services and complete user data security control.

JDM Computing can supply the cloud server from £35.00 per user a month which is a significant saving for Small Businesses at the start up or expansion stage of their business.

If you would like a free demonstration of Cloud, please call us on 0845 2932540 or email Sales@JDMComputing.co.uk