Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Local Manchester Computer Support

JDM Computing meets the IT needs of SMEs in Manchester, Stockport & Cheshire. As an SME ourselves, we understand that all companies have a unique set of requirements when it comes to your IT. You might require a comprehensive system with full support, or you may require just advice on the monitors, network connections, or cloud services.

Whatever you require, you can rest assured that the JDM Computing team is always close at hand. Our offices are in Stockport and Old Trafford so we’re in close proximity for our clients located in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire areas. Whenever you need us, we’ll be just a short journey away and are even able to fix many issues remotely.

Bigger companies may seem more appealing, however its the personal service and close working relationship we offer our clients that sets us apart from the rest.

Your successful business

At JDM the focus is on you. Your success depends on the reliability and cost effectiveness of your IT services, and this is what we offer.

Our technicians have 15 years’ experience in working with businesses in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire areas. We combine time-earned wisdom with cutting edge technology to keep your business competitive in your ever-evolving marketplace.

Our cloud services enable you to access the enhanced feature-set you need to improve customer service levels and staff productivity, but at an affordable price tag.

See how we can help you today by contacting the team. We look forward to hearing from you.

JDM Computing’s Manchester Computer Support Service [Video]

JDM Computing LTD has been trading for seven years. We offer computer support to Manchester and Stockport’s businesses. We have a long term view, and have continually grown during our time in the marketplace.

Unlike larger, faceless, profit-hungry companies, our values have always remained core to the business. They are: honesty, service and great customer support – and they help us to deliver our consistently good service to our customers.

Because we are local to Manchester – rather than operating from further afield – we can deal with any problems of our Manchester and Stockport clients quickly. This is an important aspect of our business, that allows you to remain confident that you are never more than a quick phonecall away from local, helpful computer support.

At JDM, we give you that “local” trustworthy computer support. But rest assured it’s all backed up with professional experience, knowledge and advice.

Contact JDM Computing for further details about how we can help your local business with our Manchester computer support service.

Small Businesses Aren’t Focusing Enough On Security

One in three small businesses wouldn’t know what to do if they came under attack over the net, according to a new survey by a security solutions expert.

The report by Kaspersky took into account responses from businesses with less than 25 employees including hairdressers, doctors’ surgeries and law firms. Around half of the businesses surveyed admitted that they’d struggle to recover lost data.

Results from the study suggest that small businesses are not serious enough about the safety of their online data. All those surveyed were under the impression their businesses were too small to come under cyber attack, or that there was nothing worth stealing.

This is untrue however, as even the smallest businesses take information such as payment, name and address details and more. In fact, an FSB report found that 41 percent of micro firms were victims of cyber crime last year alone.

In a recent report the FSB stated: “Cyber attacks upon small businesses are all the more devastating as they often have limited resources and personnel, making it much more difficult to recover once an attack has taken place on the security of their data.”

What can SMEs take from this information?

As a small business owner you should be as vigilant in your online security practices as larger organisations. In 2013, the cost of fraud loss for SMEs alone came to £20 billion.

There are several actions you can take to increase your business’ online security.
1. Ensure you have adequate anti-virus software installed as well as the necessary firewalls
2. Consider cloud-based data storage
3. Encrypt data sticks
4. Password-protect devices, making sure passwords are complex and include numbers, letters and characters where possible

Is your business protected against cyber crime? Talk to the team at JDM Computing for further information about how we can help.

Manchester Computer Support: Why Going Local Is A Good Idea

Shopping locally is something you’ve probably heard more about from your local butcher than your IT support – but at a glance the premise is somewhat similar. When you shop for Manchester computer support you’re benefiting the local economy, the same as buying a rack of lamb from a local butcher specialising in carefully reared Mancunian sheep. The local butcher benefits, the local farmer benefits, and the local community benefits. But when it comes to computer support the advantages of shopping locally don’t stop there.

Local computer support is the ideal solution for a small to medium business that relies on its IT infrastructure. This is quite simply because if things go wrong, you know you’re in close proximity to someone who can help.

Local Manchester computer support

Larger national, and even international IT support companies tend to offer the sort of help that either takes place entirely remotely, or requires you to be on the phone for long periods of time describing issues you don’t really understand. At JDM Computing our local IT support services are the antidote to this problem because we’re geographically close at hand. If we can’t solve your issue remotely, we can get to you quickly from our offices in Stockport and Manchester.

Ask yourself, if your computers go down – as has happened to us all at some point or another – can your business continue to operate effectively? IT issues can be small and irritating, such as a single PC going kaput, or catastrophic, involving data breaches or large spells of website downtime. Whatever your problem, we’re here to help you get back to business as smoothly as possible.

We’re qualified experts in our field, partnering with some of the industry’s biggest suppliers including:

  • HP Business Partner
  • Microsoft Certified Partner
  • Microsoft Small Business Specialist
  • SOPHOS Partner

With the backing of these big players, you can guarantee that you’re receiving a service that’s at least as good as that of a larger company. However, because we’re an SME ourselves, you’re not dealing with nameless technicians. We get to know our clients and understand their companies, because ensuring your business can operate effectively is our business.

5 Tell-Tale Signs You’ve Been Hacked

If your business relies on its computer systems for anything from e-commerce to admin, you’ll be well aware of the importance of computer security. Hacking is unfortunately something that can and does happen in a business environment, and it’s something you need to keep tabs on to ensure your sensitive client data and files are kept safe.

The best way to keep your IT secure is to ensure it’s kept locked down with things like firewalls and antivirus protection – and having an IT support company on hand can help you feel doubly secure if any internet nasties do get through.

In some situations it’s difficult to know whether you’ve been a victim of hacking but here are 5 things to look out for that often mean your security has been compromised:

1. Frequent pop-ups – especially lots and lots of browser pop-ups from websites that don’t usually generate them.

2. A moving cursor that moves by itself and makes correct selections – sometimes hardware problems can cause a cursor to move randomly and erratically but it won’t make correct choices on your screen.

3. Your friends receive fake emails from you – check with your friends whether they are actually coming from your email address or a fake one. If they’re from your real email address your computer or social media account could have been compromised.

4. Fake antivirus messages – a fake antivirus scan will no doubt find loads of “viruses”, lead you to a website and offer a solution that’ll get rid of these internet nasties. All you have to do is put your credit card details in (and you can guess what happens next.)

5. Money goes missing from your bank account – usually in large sums. You can prevent this by ensuring you have transaction alerts in place on your account that let you know when unexpected activity occurs.

At JDM Computing we can help you ensure your systems are protected as comprehensively as possible – and get everything back up and running in the event something does go wrong. To get you started with your online security, this month we’re offering free anti-virus for new customers.

Contact the JDM team for further information.